Alpha Man

What does Alpha Male mean?

I am sure, this is the question that cropped up in our minds when we first heard this word. The term Alpha Male has been around for decades. Usually it is used to refer ambitious men — someone who is dominant; the one to whom others play a submissive role. But do you really know what does that mean in today’s world? Read ahead and I will try to give some clarification to what this really means.

Alpha Male

The origin of the term Alpha Male

The term Alpha Male was first used to define the leader of the pack of wolves. Wolves naturally organize themselves into packs to maintain stability and assist with hunting. These are often groups of three to seven wolves led by an alpha male and alpha female. From there, the couple’s pups and possibly younger, unrelated wolves comprise the rest of the pack.

Similarly you will find packs of humans in places like high schools, offices, pubs, etc. Even though they are a group of men or women of similar interest or social culture, they will be dominated by a single individual who tends to be the leader of the group. The other members of the group look up to this person and tend to follow his instructions. That person is considered as the Alpha Male (in cases of female leader – Alpha Female) of that pack.

But this is a very vague definition of Alpha Male. Nowadays it is also used to define the act that is performed by males usually in their teens and twenties who act tough, are loud, and have to be the center of attention or they feel insecure. When a man reaches his thirties and is successful he no longer acts this way because his concept of Alpha Male is different from that of a teen. For them it means confidence, calmness and dominance in a non threatening way. That is the reason why you do not see rich successful men picking a fight in a bar.

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So who really is an alpha male?

For the sake understanding the concept of an Alpha male we can describe him as  :

Those cool and confident guys who will walk into a room and everybody will take notice. He is a man who is calm, dominant, confident and is assured of himself.  He is a real leader of the pack; guys like him, ladies love him.

The human Alpha Male is a natural leader and a pack builder. He leads, provides for and protects his pack (his woman, buddies, teammates, and so on).

Learning to become an alpha male is one of the most fulfilling thing you will do in your life.  It means having control of your life, getting all the women that you want; being in charge of your financial life, being in touch with you spiritual life and finding the perfect balance among these. That’s what the real Alpha male are. They live life to the fullest.

What does being an Alpha Male mean to you? Tell us in the comments.

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