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10 Steps to Create the Alpha Male Mindset

You are where you are because of the decisions you made. Alpha males have a positive winning mindset that many people admire, they are always preparing themselves to win. We at Alpha Men Squad unequivocally believe that every man can turn around his life once he develops a positive mind set where nothing is more important than winning.

Winning depends on a variety of factors but the most important being the actual positive mindset. Beta males have a weak mindset and they have lost even before they have started. And when a beta males lose, they blame other people and put their pathetic failure down to luck. This is why the Alpha Male mindset is important for winning. Read on to find the 10 steps to achieve the Alpha male mindset.

The “I WILL WIN” mindset

Alpha males have a firm definitive statement in their mind- I will either win or die trying. There is nothing in between for Alpha males who have a positive mind set. When the mind starts to believe there is no other way than winning, it finds more creative and logical ways to achieve success and it uses all of its resources to reach the goal. If you are a beta male who hope and wish only to be disappointed again and again, we advise you to make repeated affirmations in your mind that you will win giving it no other option.

When I fall down, I will get up stronger

Alpha males always prepare themselves for losses but avoid it at all costs, they learn from their mistakes or other people’s mistakes. When you are determined to get back up stronger when you fall you are actually removing all the stress and anxiety the mind is experiencing. A beta male always underestimate failure, when he loses it hurts and he never does anything that might risk his comfort zone.

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I will Strive for EXCELLENCE in everything I do

To develop a positive mindset, you need to strive for excellence. Whenever Alpha males do something, they look for the best example of what they want to do. This continual strive for excellence ensures that Alpha males will be the best at whatever they do. For Alpha males, excellence is about trying to make a difference in the world, so that when they move on, they will have left behind a better place for those who follow.

I will embrace knowledge

Alpha males are committed to lifelong learning and embracing knowledge from whatever situation they are exposed to. Rather than making it a chore, this is something all the Alpha males enjoy doing. They know they have to think at higher levels to find solutions for the problems created from their current level of thinking. You need to constantly look for that piece of information which might help you in some other stage of life. Keep in mind that knowledge has to be improved, challenged, and increased constantly, or it vanishes.

Don’t be scared to ask for help

Having a mentor to guide you will help during tough times. Alpha males know that there are hundreds of other people who have what they want and it is the quickest way to get what they want by asking these people for help. If you can reach out to people who have already achieved something you are striving for, ask for advice and guidance from them and see how quickly things can breakthrough in the direction you want.

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My needs come first

You can either be a person trying to make others happy or you could be an Alpha male inspiring all those around you to be happy. You cannot expect to win when your needs come last. When Alpha males realize what they want in life they give it the top most priority and they translate their happiness to other people’s happiness by achieving that goal.

I will not tolerate negativity

To achieve the positive Alpha male mind set, you need to remove all the negative people from your life. Negative people will always refuse to progress and they will try to hold you back so they can share their distress with you. Keep yourself away from these kind of people and involve yourself with positive minded people. Alpha males limit interactions with those who are negative in any manner and they also understand everyone is different and has his own progress, so they don’t compare themselves to other people.

Broaden your Horizon

When you broaden the horizons of your thinking, you will see all the possibilities out there and this will expand your mind. Alpha males are always aware of what the world has to offer to broaden their horizons and make themselves aware of the possibilities. Beta males have a limited view on what the world has to offer and they limit their vision. When you expand the horizons of your thinking your mind begins to believe seemingly impossible achievements might be possible.

Think long term

Great success and achievements take time and patience. Alpha males work on their goals and aspirations for as long as it takes until it becomes reality. As quoted by Jeff Bezos in the letter to amazon shareholders, we can’t realize our potential as people or as companies unless we plan for the long term. Our advice is to follow your passion, not the money.

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The burning desire to achieve your goals

If you have a burning desire to achieve your goal it will keep you going when the going gets tough. Be desperate for success like Alpha males, they strive for success the same way a person would seek air if they were drowning in water. One secret about successful people is, they constantly imagine the eventual success. We advice you to imagine how success will feel and taste, and how it will make a difference in your life.

So there you have it. These are the 10 alpha male mindset you must cultivate in your mind to achieve alpha male status quo. Make sure you assimilate these rules as habits in your life. Once you forge your mind to accept only positivity and winning attitude, your life will change for ever. Take action.

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