alpha women - 10 Qualities women look for when it comes to choosing a life partner.

10 Qualities women look for when it comes to choosing a life partner.

On the lookout for a new partner in your life? These qualities are what women look for in a man before saying that YES!

There are guys out there that women avoid like the Covid-19. Trust us, we’ve met many of them. However, there are more good guys than you might believe. In our opinion, there are certain qualities women look for in a man which will help them to find someone who isn’t a total waste of time. Of course, you need a few of these qualities, or preferably all of them, to make it work, but being aware of what women expect is always useful.

It’s easy to have one or two bad experiences and rejections from women and assume that you’re not worth it. You’re wrong. You just don’t know what they look for.

Let us share our findings and see if you can use them to be Mr. Right.

1. Trustworthy. Being able to trust a guy is key. If she can’t trust you, you’re a waste of time! Can you imagine a relationship with zero trust? she’ll be constantly on edge, paranoid, and convinced that you’re out doing all manner of nastiness with someone who isn’t she. In fact, it’s the biggest of them all. Women always listen to their gut on this one.

2. A good listener. Women don’t need a guy who has one ear on what they’re saying and one ear on Netflix. Women believe that if they find a good listener in their partner, they’ll be set for life. If you give great advice, even better!

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3. Sense of humor. We know you’ve heard this a million times, but it’s that important. Women need a guy who can make them laugh, and someone who is always able to laugh at himself. Good jokes and a quick one-liner will have you smiling for hours, but a guy who doesn’t seem able to string even a few funny words together is not someone she wants to roll through life with.

4. How he treats women. Women look at how a guy treats his mother and sisters to find out what type of person he is. For us, treating women with care and respect is an Alpha male trait, no matter who you are and what you’re looking for.

5. A man with some kind of future plan. It’s not a great sign when a guy has no idea what he wants in life and doesn’t seem to care that he has no plan at all. I’m not suggesting you should have your life mapped out, but a general direction is always a good thing.

6. Protective of those he cares about. Alpha men know that being super-protective of the people they care about in their life is one of the best qualities. Women look for this quality too, it means they’ll always feel safe and loved.

7. Supportive. You should be supportive of her when she’s going through a hard time and when she’s working towards something in her life. Having a supportive guy around is one of the biggest blessings for women. It gives them the fire to reach for the stars. It’s surely one of the top qualities women look for in a man.

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8. Intelligence. Women don’t lookout for the highest IQ in the world, but they prefer someone who can have an intelligent conversation about something other than the weather. This way, she’ll never be bored and have to resort to talking about the same thing every day. Of course, a guy who also wants to learn and better himself is a good starting point too!

9. How he treats animals. Another one that is very important to women is how a guy treats animals. If you have a pet there is a 50 percent more chance she will like you. A guy must treat animals with love and respect, don’t you agree?

10. He isn’t money-centered. A guy who only cares about money and focuses his entire life on getting more is not someone to build a future. Sure, money is important but it’s not the be-all and end-all. A guy who focuses on love and experiences is a far better bet. So, women prefer someone who doesn’t care about money nor be irresponsible with it either.

How many of these qualities women look for in a guy do you agree with? Add some of your own! While women don’t go around with a clipboard, ticking off qualities and weighing one guy up against the other, they bear in mind the things they want in a man.

These qualities women look for in a man will help you to know your flaws and improve yourself. Be a better version of yourself and the love of your life will find you anyway!

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