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Beta Male Traits You Must Avoid to Become an Alpha Male

It should be no surprise that there are some habits and ways you must avoid or stop if you want to become an alpha male. Needless to say, achieving this task can be immensely difficult, depending on the person. If you consider yourself a beta male and want to make a change for good, these are some of the traits and habits you must avoid. The following are some of the beta male traits you should avoid in order to become an alpha male.

Stop being lazy

Beta males don’t care if they have a lot of work to do, they’ll just pretend their work is not there and will go to sleep. If you want to stop being a beta male then start being more responsible.

Bear in mind that being unpunctual can also be considered a way of being lazy. We can agree that almost every single man in the world hates getting up early. The difference is that alpha males will actually get out of bed as soon as they hear their alarm. On the other hand we have beta males who will keep snoozing their alarm until their boss gives them a call full of threads and demands.



A beta male is a weak man who will fall for the slightest temptation. If you’ve ever been unfaithful to your girlfriend, or even worse, your wife, then you couldn’t be farthest from being an alpha male. Cheating on someone is the worst thing you could do when you’re in a relationship. In spite of the fact that you’re significant one trusts on you, you betray them by cheating on them. It doesn’t matter if you want to become an alpha male or not stop cheating on people, it’s an awful thing to do.

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Giving up easily

Being courageous does not only mean facing your opponents without vailing out, being courageous also means that you have to keep at ease when problems arise. Beta males will usually avoid any kind of confrontation and will leave the hard work to other people.

If there is an unexpected issue in their day (their car broke down when they’re running late for work, for instance) they will freak out in the attempt to find a solution. Of course, they will end up screwing up even worse.


Being shy is a classic trait of beta males. Whether you are afraid of meeting new people or confronting new and unknown challenges, shyness is an issue that will take countless opportunities from your life. Whenever you are afraid of something, no matter what it is, take a deep breath and man up. Chances are your fears are ridiculous and mean no real danger to you. Once you start dominating your fears they will mean nothing to you and you will become a better man.

Stop following the pack

The main trait that distinguished beta males are their habit of following alpha males. If you’re one of these people, then stop following and start leading! Being a true leader capable of influencing and inspiring others is one of the main traits of an alpha male. Because they are so convincing and confident it’s easy for them to lead people like you, the beta males.

Stop aiming for perfection

It’s funny that the one who always aims for perfection is the beta male and no the alpha. This is because the later know that he is a human that commits mistakes and recognizes them. Beta males, on the other hand, will never admit they’ve done wrong and will hide under lies and excuses. If you think being an alpha male is being perfect, then you’re far from being close to reality. Just try to be the best version of yourself without getting obsessed with perfection.

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Think before you act

There’s nothing worse than acting before thinking. Beta males get into an immense amount of troubles because they don’t think about the consequences of their acts. An alpha male, on the other hand, will always take the right decisions because they think beforehand.

These are just some of the traits you should avoid if you want to stop being a beta male. Bear in mind that once you get rid of these habits not only will you be closer to becoming an alpha male, but you will also be a better person.

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