friendzone 1 - How To Get Out Of The Friend Zone

How To Get Out Of The Friend Zone

Let me guess, you like a girl and she is not taking you seriously. She says she likes your company, but only as a GOOD friend. I know how much that hurts because I have been in that exact same situation. Now, I am not gonna beat around the bush. Getting out of a friend zone is much harder than avoiding it in the first place. But since you are already down the rabbit hole, let me tell you the 4 step process I used to get out the hell known as Friend Zone.


#1. Less Availability

We men think that we should be around the girl we like, all the time and she will eventually develop feelings for you. Sorry to burst your tiny little bubble. One of the main reason why she doesn’t think of you as boyfriend material is because you are available all the time. You are not giving her time to miss you and think and reflect on how her life would be without you.

I know what you are doing right now. You are spending every wake of your hour, you are there for her for all problems. I can understand your urge to reply to her text immediately and answering her call before the second ring. But all this characteristics make you more of a close friend than a boyfriend. The more you are available, the more she will take you for granted. You have to create a void in her life, where you used to be, so that she starts missing you.

When bae calls - How To Get Out Of The Friend Zone

Next time when she texts, don’t answer it immediately. Wait a few hours before you answer her. Also when she calls, wait for a few seconds before answering. If she is calling to simply bitch about one of her colleague, tell her you are a little busy and will call her back. Don’t be rude to her and also don’t be overly sweet; you are a man, not a piece of candy. Make sure you call her back after a few hours because you don’t want her to think that you are avoiding her.

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Once in a while back out from your outings with her. Tell her that you have something else going on and can’t make it. This is to make her realize that your time is valuable and she has to fight for it. Do not always cancel you other plans just to be with her. Yes, girls consider it cute that you are cancelling your commitments to spend time with her. But cute doesn’t mean romantic. After all, there will be lots of guys who like her, who will cancel everything to go out with her. You don’t want to be one of them.

You may consider this as playing with her emotion, but let me assure you it is not. You are making her aware that you will not be available for her every beck and call. You are trying to make her realize how much she likes you. You are creating a void in her life so that she will understand the real value of the time spend with you. The wonderful part is, when she starts to miss you, it creates a desire inside her.

She starts seeing you with other girls and not paying attention to her every move and then she will start to think a little differently. She will start to become jealous of the attention you are giving to other girls. A little bit of jealousy is good for you.


#2. Start Flirting

I know you are occasionally flirting with her. But it is not enough. Start to flirt with her more often. The problem is, she is not seeing you as a boyfriend or a potential hookup. She sees you a friend; a platonic friend. You need to flirt with her more so that she realizes that you want to be more than just a friend.

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flirting - How To Get Out Of The Friend Zone

Start to tease her.

You can crack jokes about something she said or maybe something she loves, like her taste in music. Whatever you do, be playful about. The key to teasing is to always do it with a smile. If you tease her without a smile, you come up as an A-hole. That’s the last thing you wanna do. Also make sure you keep away from touchy subjects.

Compliment her.

There is not better way to flirting than with compliments. Hell, which girl doesn’t like compliments. Tell her she is beautiful or attractive. Compliment her on something she is wearing or her taste in clothes or whatever. Make sure you mean it when you compliment her. She will see right through your half-hearted compliments. Also, don’t forget to smile while complimenting.

Touch her.

Touching is one of the crucial aspect of flirting. You need to create a sexual tension between you and her and what better way than touching. If you have never touched her before, then start by touching her elbows, arms or fingers. Women consider these parts as nonsexual and you will not end up looking like a creep to her. Make sure you do it casually while talking. Once she is comfortable with your touch, you can move to her shoulder and hip. While taking selfies you can keep your hand on her hip or shoulder.

When you start flirting with a girl, she starts to see you in a new light. She starts to develop feelings for you. If you can create a spark with your flirting, you will end up escaping the friend zone.

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#3. Let her know your feelings

By this time she should be aware of your intentions. If she still has not understood the hints, then it is time to confess your feelings to her. Do not be afraid of loosing her. One of the reason why most men do not reveal their liking to a girl is because they are afraid that they will loose her for ever.
I know this is the hard thing for guys. But I am telling you, this is for your own good. You don’t wanna be desperately hanging around someone you like and wanna be friends with her while she considers you only as a friend.

Take her come place where you can both talk for sometime alone. If you are afraid to face her, you can do it over phone as well. But I would recommend that you do it face to face. You will be able to adjust what you say by looking at her facial expressions and body language.


#4. Move On

move on - How To Get Out Of The Friend Zone

I hope you do not reach to this step. If you have done all the above steps and yet she hasn’t graduated you out of the friend zone, then it is time to move on. There are plenty of girls out there and it is not good for you to cling onto to something that is never gonna workout. Even after confessing about your desire, if she is not reconsidering the friend zone status, then chances are they are not gonna happen, ever. So it is in your best interest to move on and find someone who would show

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